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 Functions for order administration

Bill of material
Bill of material

Bill of Material (Parts Lists)


Parts lists, that were transmitted to the AHP-Leitstand®, can be shown in the hierarchic-structure and in list-form. Consequently, the planner has not only the overview over the production orders of the individual articles but also over the business order to the manufacture of the final product.

Work orders


Work orders are maintained in a relational structure in form of order headings and associated operations.

All masks and functions necessary for management of order data are available. Order data can either be entered manually, generated at the AHP-Leitstand® from routing plans or downloaded from an external system. Changing and deleting of orders is likewise possible, manually or via updates from an external system. With an integrated HOST connection data can also be read. Respective decisions about interface strategy have to be discussed regarding the customer's work flow organization.



The relationship between operations in an order (the routing plan) is defined by operation link records. These records can be created and maintained by any of the methods described above.

Operation links


Operations can be overlapped to reduce throughput time. This is only realistic where the production and consumption rates of two adjacent operations would facilitate such a schedule. The following transfer times are supported:

  • Overlap time of two operations
  • Transport time
  • Pre-determined waiting time at the predecessor resource
  • Pre-determined waiting time at the successor resource