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Which orders are in delay?


After scheduling those operations whose completion date is behind the latest end are marked red in the planning board. Additionally these operations can be shown in the delay list. In this list, only the first operation of an order who is in delay is shown. Besides the delay duration, also the data of the rough planning and fine planning are compared.

How large are the delays?


The evaluation shows the resource groups with the number of the operations in delay and with the delay hours. The coloured fields show the degree of the delays.



With the evaluation module, the results of the planning are clearly represented in list form.

Determination of costs about the current planning


It is calculated the number of the operations to be prepared, the number of the operations that cause production costs, the number of the operations that cause warehouse expenses and the number of the operations thar cause delay costs. The respective hours and the corresponding costs are calculated additionally to the number of operations.