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 Planning functions

Planning screen
Planning screen

Basic Function:
Planning Board


The Planning Board is the central planning instrument. On the planning board all these resources are combined into a resource group which are declared to be able to execute identical or similar operations. Alternatively, all resources required for a certain product can be combined. The Planning Board is served mainly with the mouse. However, many functions can be activated also with the freely verifiable function keys in addition

Current informations on a view



The planning board resource window indicates the recent planning status of a group, while the planning stock window displays all operations ready to be planned. The scale of the time axis is selectable. It is possible to navigate into future or past.

Simple controls



The assignment for every single resource is supported by several planning tools. Predecessor-Successor relationships are automatically considered. Existent assignments for other orders are also automatically considered.

A machine allocation plan is the result of the Gantt Chart planning under consideration of different planning tools.

Several messages give information for user guidance. Further selection of special functions and different views are possible by clicking onto the respected buttons on the planning screen.



The following scheduling methods are available:

  • Mouse click or drag-and-drop into the group or resource planning boards
  • All operations in an order (forward and backward, controlled by configuration)
  • All operations in a resource group
  • All unscheduled operations with user defined (PRIOS)
  • All unscheduled operations of a resource group with a cost optimizer (optional)
  • Selected operations with a project-specific optimization programme.
Planning wizard
Planning wizard

Planning Wizard: for a better overview


By clicking the right mouse button on a selected operation the Planning Wizard opens.

There are some useful functions available on the Planning Wizard. Some of them can also be retrieved from the Information Screen. But these functions can be used much faster by the Planning Wizard.

Operation View
Operation View

The sequence display


All operations of a work order are graphically displayed in the sequence display. For each operation the current status (planned, setup, started, partially completed, completed) is displayed on a time axis, and the current machine occupancy is likewise displayed.

View of a single resource
View of a single resource

Fast preparation of the desired information


Short-term information of any work order is granted directly.

Planning board for a single resource


The Planning Board is applied to all resources in a group while the Planning Board for a single resource relates only to a chosen resource. The planned operations are shown with it on a time axis horizontally. Every operation proves an individual line. Different colours and further representation forms shows additional information like earliest start date, latest start date, latest end date and perhaps delays.

Capacity graph
Capacity graph

Capacity Graph


Representation of capacity of a resource group shows the extent of utilization of the resource group within a specified time-period. For a selected time period the planned capacity, the available capacity, the required capacity, and under- or overloading will be displayed.

Capacity graph
Capacity graph

Utilization of capacity is shown


By such presentation a rapid statement with regard to future resource requirements is supported. The representations can be displayed for resource Groups and/or for individual resources.

Different capacity graphs are possible


Another capacity display is the bar chart. For a selected time period the available capacity, the planned capacity, the required capacity will be displayed.