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 Information screen

Graphic support
Graphic support

User friendly masks


The information screen has been realised as a Windows application, regarding to requirements for customizing. The MS Access environment grants user-specific appearances and additional functions for the customer's information requirements. All records are stored either in the integrated Database or in a standard database such as e.g. Oracle. With SQL instructions it is possible to create own overviews and reports.

The graphic support


In the graphics support, detailed informations to an operation or to a resource chosen at the planning screen are shown. The synchronization takes place automatically so that no mouse click is necessary. Consequently, all necessary information is always visible for the user.

Synchronization between the planning screen and the information screen


The synchronization is guaranteed not only in the direction of Planning Screen but Information Screen  is also valid inverted. If a search is effected on the information screen so the planning screen indicates the determined operation in the planning board.